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I am working in the  field of ufology from 7 years. At the age of 13 i came to know about some TV shows and UFO investigators via internet and began my research in UFO field. Stanton Friedman was the idol for me,he was my hero in UFOlogy, and so as a young child i grew up watching his television shows. Studying UFOlogy in India is like alice in wonderland . This was a time when very few Indians were involved in ufology. Initially when i came to know about aliens , UFO’s and basics of UFOlogy , the same year i learnt  about my mother’s interaction with an alien entity in 2001. My interest grew more and more,and UFOlogy became a part of my life. UFOlogy is not just a topic , its a subject having millions of probability and countless expectations . For some initial few years i used to read on internet and blogs but for me , doing something REAL in UFOlogy was an aim. I wanted to do something practical in UFO field in India . Ufology is not a place to earn bread and butter or to show off your job profile,therefore you need to work hard with the best of your efforts and that too voluntarily. When i had just entered my adolescent period, a TV show named ancient aliens was successful enough to ignite the topic of ufology in India. The show did get a thumbs up from TV shows but still India did lack at many places like eg. UFO organisation of its own which many countries have, less number of professionally approved ufologists,and general lack of awareness among common man. This led to the idea in me to work something on ground for bringing changes in the country on this topic.and as expected, the newer the idea,the more the opposition. But in a country like India,it is quite difficult to gain support on such untouched topics, therefore a determined mind, and focused efforts , unshakably willpower is always needed to pursue such dreams. As i was alone at that time,reason being limited UFOlogists  in India which too were not accessible , i started searching cases on internet and tried to meet the experienced person / witness so that i can further investigate the cases. NO EVIDENCE NO INTEREST.

My mother witnessed an alien entity :

When i was 5 years old, My mother witnessed a suspected alien entity near my house at Chandigarh . It was midnight twelve. She observed some alien entity  from the window of courtyard.It was levitating from above the ground. The entity was so much near so that she could figure out the facial features. It revolved around  the periphery of  house and vanished in front of her eyes at the front door. This incident affected her negatively and she went ill for days. The incident is still fresh in her memory and she is able to recollect things clearly even now. She helped me by drawing the sketch which still exists with me. The case is under investigation.

My first alien implant case and the only alien implant case investigated till now in India:

In the year 2013 i came to know about an alien implant case from India . i investigated the case  with my friend Shivansh Shukla and world known American researcher Mr Derrel W. Sims as chief investigator. By putting some more efforts i was able to contact the witness of the case. Due to lack of availability of UFO researchers and alien implant researchers in India , i tried seeking help from outside the country.and i feel proud and privileged to say that i was fortunate enough to have with me, a well known alien implant researcher Mr Derrel Sims AKA Alien hunter  for the case investigation. It took me two months to call him to India for the case. The investigation of the case started in September 2014. The Implant was successfully taken out of the abductee’s body and was sent for further investigation to America. This was a milestone in Indian history  as it was the first alien implant surgery to have successfully completed in India. Im thankful to my abductee friend as well as Mr Derrel Sims for constant support and cooperation throughout this period. For more details visit : Alien implant from India

After successfully investing the case i came in contact with a lot of other UFO enthusiasts from India as well as the world. Along with that i came in contact with several UFO investigators and researchers from India. They charmed me up and motivated to do something more in UFOlogy field in India. Then UFOlogy became my life and my life became an adventure.

Creation of an UFO organisation in India :

India didn’t have any UFO organisation working widely having teammates or members until i created one in 2016.

Last year i created India’s largest UFO organisation having 100+ active members from India and around the World. The name of the organisation is Disclosure Team India. Official website : www.disclosure1617.com . The team is putting its best efforts to find cases and investigate them in order to create awareness as well as find the alien evidence.

We have a UFO sighting reporting portal and membership form too. India Definitely India needs an organisation and we will fulfil its requirement  and will expand Disclosure Team India to international level. My only aim to create a UFO organisation in India is to connect UFO enthusiast people come together especially from India and to create awareness of UFO subject  among the people.

Creating the first UFO magazine in India :

India does not possess a UFO magazine of its own so i’m here with the first issue of UFO magazine India.It is one of the most crucial sources of UFO enthusiasts who will easily get entertained as well as gain knowledgeable support. We have put in our best efforts to make it attractive and user-friendly so that the general public can easily understand the content . Im very much thankful to my friend Karishma Singh and Aksheev Singhal who put their best efforts for graphic designing of the magazine .We hope it will be able to reach the houses of common man and will be able to arise due interest in this topic. After reading the magazine a UFO enthusiast must feel proud about the work and contribution he is doing for ufology and along with that it should help us boost our  confidence. This is one of our motives to create this magazine. For more details about our motive and aim of the magazine you can visit our ABOUT US page.

As we all know destination is not what matters,it is the journey that does.This too,is just a beginning,the adventure ahead is still awaited..

Media appereances :

Hitesh K. Yadav in India’a national newspaper . Check the link for more details : Link

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