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Dr Steven Greer (An American emergency doctor) has been openly declaring to the American media that he has been contacting aliens with the help of ANCIENT VEDIC technique for over two decades now. However, the Indian media is not even aware of the name of Dr Greer.
There are various Hindu mythological stories from which we can gather the contact of Ancient Vedic people with the Aliens.
Story Of Maharaj Muchukand
Maharaj Muchukand went to the Dev Loka (Galaxy where the Devas reside) to fight a war against the rakshasas for Lord Indra. The war continued for a period of one year of ‘Dev Loka time’. However, when the war ended Maharaj Muchukand went to Lord Indra to take his leave and go back to his kingdom on earth. However upon meeting Lord Indra, Lord Indra told Maharaj Muchukand that by the time one year had passed over there in the Dev Loka, by that time an entire yuga had passed down on earth and Maharaj Muchukands entire kingdom and loved ones had perished. This story shows that there is a difference in the speed at which time passes here on earth and the speed at which time passes in the Dev Loka.
Now for anyone who has watched the movie “Interstellar”, the story of the movie was that a girls father; an astronaut; goes to another galaxy and is lost there. By the time the girl’s father returns on earth the daughter has grown old but the father is still young because the speed at which time passes is slower on the galaxy that he visited. This concept of time passing at different speed in different parts of the Universe is being researched by the scientists as well.
Now this reference to the speed at which time passes differently in different parts of the Universe in a thousands of year old story of Maharaj Muchukand itself shows that the Ancient Vedic people were in contact with the Aliens.

Story of Rishi Sheshirian
Another case in point to prove the ancient Vedic peoples contact with the Aliens is the story of Rishi Sheshirian. Risi Sheshirian married an “Apsara” from another planet, they lived happily together for some time and had a baby named ‘Kaalyavan’ (Kalyavan was later killed by Lord Krishna). However, sometime after giving birth to the baby, the Apsara had to return to her home planet and the reason stated for her return was simply that she could not live in the atmosphere of earth any longer.
Thus in this ancient story we have proof of the fact that not only did the aliens live here on earth, they also reproduced here on earth in ancient vedic times.
Besides these small stories there are various other proofs of alien contact in ancient times. In fact some KGB (Russian investigation agency) maps reveal that there is an underground city right below the Ellora caves in Maharashtra.
However, the question to be asked here is, who were these friendly aliens who lived on earth and helped the Ancient humans and where are they now.
Mobile App to contact aliens
Dr Steven Greer is one man who is not only reviving the ancient vedic technique to contact aliens, he is also making it technologically easy to contact aliens with the help of the modern technology. Dr Greer has prepared a mobile phone app with the help of which you can contact aliens. (Link to the mobile app is available on the website www.siriusdisclosure.com). With the help of this mobile phone app you can contact aliens from anywhere. Dr Greer has himself been contacting the aliens for a very long time and has multiple photographic and video proofs for the same which are available on youtube.com for anyone to see. Dr Greer has been working on contacting aliens and sending across their message to the people for about two decades now.
Dr Greer’s biggest message is to break the stereo type about aliens and let people know that there are good aliens who want to help humanity and who can show us the way ahead. However, the prejudice caused against aliens by the popular media is a big hindrance in this work. We should try and break these popular prejudices against the aliens, which would ultimately result in a more open exchange of knowledge and technology with them.

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