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Disclosure Team India (Disclosure1617) is the largest UFO organisation from India . Founded by Hitesh K. Yadav in Jan, 2016 . The Organisation focuses on public awareness of UFO's and aliens kind of subjects. In two years the team has grown to more than 200 active  members from India and around the world.
Disclosure1617 is a two years plan of disclosure team to collect as much as info in two years 2016-2017 and later share them publically as to work for the disclosure project.
The founder and most of the members associated with the team have either contact with the ET's or have seen the evidence of aliens existence. Lets come together and join the UFOlogy revolution going on here in India.

About the founder : Hitesh K. Yadav , 20

Email : hitesh.disclosure@gmail.com

I am working in the  field of ufology from 7 years. At the age of 13 i came to know about some TV shows and UFO investigators via internet and began my research in UFO field. Stanton Friedman was the idol for me,he was my hero in UFOlogy, and so as a young child i grew up watching his television shows. Studying UFOlogy in India is like alice in wonderland . This was a time when very few Indians were involved in ufology. Initially when i came to know about aliens , UFO’s and basics of UFOlogy , the same year i learnt  about my mother’s interaction with an alien entity in 2001. My interest grew more and more,and UFOlogy became a part of my life. UFOlogy is not just a topic , its a subject having millions of probability and countless expectations . For some initial few years i used to read on internet and blogs but for me , doing something REAL in UFOlogy was an aim. I wanted to do something practical in UFO field in India . As i was alone at that time,reason being limited UFOlogists  in India which too were not accessible , i started searching cases on internet and tried to meet the experienced person / witness so that i can further investigate the cases. NO EVIDENCE NO INTEREST.





Latest case investigation : Alien footprint case - Karnataka

  • Chief investigator talking with locals about the case

for case details : Click here

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Disclosure Team India – UFO Research Team in India

Disclosure Team India (Disclosure1617) is the largest UFO organisation from India . Founded by Hitesh K. Yadav in Jan, 2016…